FEIF Breeding Rules and Regulations 2019

G3.5.6. The naming of Icelandic horses in WorldFengur (side 29)

  • Horses can be registered in WorldFengur with name and origin.
  • Each horse can have a maximum of two names in combination.
  • Horses must be given names before (and cannot be changed after) they are shown at a breeding show or they compete in an official FEIF competition registered in WorldFengur.
  • The name of a horse cannot be changed after they have a registered offspring in WorldFengur.
  • Horse owners can use the list of horse names in WorldFengur (which includes allowed names) as a reference.
  • If the name they want to use is not in the list, they can apply for it (via the national registrars) and if the name is allowed, it is added to the list. The following rules apply for names of Icelandic horses registered in WorldFengur:
  • The names that are registered in WorldFengur shall be in Icelandic and in accordance with Icelandic grammar and spelling.
  • The name shall be masculine for a stallion/gelding and feminine for a mare, neuter names and names consisting entirely of initials are not allowed.
  • Names that have a vulgar or obscene meaning, names considered in poor taste, or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups are not allowed.
  • A preposition or grammatical equivalent to the word “from” in the native language shall be used; the Icelandic preposition “frá” and “fra” will also be accepted.